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Rigging and Lifting

Rigging and lifting services for a range of needs

As Industry leaders in Sydney rigging we offer a comprehensive range of rigging and lifting services. Rigging Rope Access is the go-to way to move large or heavy objects to hard-to-reach areas. JG Vertical has over 10 years experience in rope access and has provided rigging services for a vast array of different needs. We’re confident that using our expertise and experience we’ll be able to fulfil your needs.

Our Experience


JG Vertical are trusted in the industry to undertake complex, large scale entertainment rigging projects.

  • We organise appropriate gear for each task, cables, pulleys, winches, to move load weight
  • We attach loads to the rigging & move the load using cranes or hoists.
  • We navigate confined spaces & narrow openings

This skill requires great communication skills, fast thinking. We can combine both rigging and rope access to access certain areas. In these situations, technicians carry ropes with them to climb up to a point where they can build an anchor & work on the ropes. We do frequent equipment checks in house, to ensure everything is always safe and ready to be used.

ANZ Stadium

We were chosen to complete rigging on Australia’s most iconic sporting venue – ANZ Stadium. Using rigging techniques we scaled the stadium’s steel beams in order to conduct measurements and tests on the structural integrity of the steel.

Crane Rigging

We use Crane Rigging to hang loads in many situtations.

rigging and lifting by JG Vertical

Entertainment rigging / arena concerts / movie sets

We have a large amount of experience in professionally rigging stages for entertainment events, as well as rigging for film sets and film production.

  • Build trusses
  • Lift stages
  • Install lighting systems
  • Hanging loads in concert arenas
  • Art installation

Exhibition Rigging

  • Banners
  • Sets

Find out how we can service your Sydney rigging and greater New South Wales needs today.

rigging and lifting being undertaken


We use ActSafe for lifting, works such as;

  • Lifting team members
  • Glazing works
  • Façade rectification

Signage Lifting

Using our advanced rope access and pully techniques we can lift heavy items to hard to access locations. Our highly trained technicians can find a way to lift almost any object, so get in touch to see how we can satisfy your lifting needs.

Specialist Lifting

We understand that no two lifting jobs are the same. That’s why we provide a tailored lifting service catered to your unique situation. We’ve seen it all, from lifting couches to pianos to industrial equipment, so don’t hesitate to get in contact and find out how we can solve your lifting needs.

rigging and lifting being undertaken
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