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Edwin Flack Avenue Sydney Olympic Park


Inspection and Testing




ANZ stadium at Sydney Olympic Park has been the arena for some of the greatest sporting events in Australia history, its highest point being 58 metres above ground level (approx. 14 storeys) and 30,000 sq.m roof size.

JG Vertical accessed their acres of steel work using various aid-climbing techniques to reach all areas in this very iconic venue.


Ultrasonic thickness testing of structural steel roof structure.

What is Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM)?

UTM is one of the techniques used to determine the condition and wall thickness of ship hulls, piping and structural steel. UTM is used to determine the thickness of the object under examination and

  • Detect erosion/corrosion
  • Determine corrosion rates by subsequent measurements
  • Determine base line thickness
  • Verify thickness of incoming materials
  • Various visual and corrosion inspections carried out
  • Working alongside structural engineers
  • Utilisation of ACX Powered Ascender to assist engineers with personal access to selected areas


We were able to provide safe and efficient access for the engineer to personally get a hand-on feel and comfortably inspect certain crucial areas where required.

This was achieved by utilising the amazing Actsafe ACX Powered Ascender which allowed for the engineer to be safely winched up to the desired locations.