High rise window cleaning, at the highest quality

High rise window cleaning is a JG Vertical specialty. We use our expert knowledge of rope access to clean windows of all heights. The flexibility of Rope access means that we can fulfil your needs at a fraction of the cost of scaffolding and other window cleaning methods. We also operate with minimal downtime to ensure that your needs are satisfied as fast as possible.

The JG Vertical advantage

Unmatched Experience

Our team has over a decade of experience in window cleaning.

Unrivalled Results

The JG Vertical team is dedicated to excellence, always providing the highest level of service.

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There’s not much we can’t clean

Our team has over a decade of experience in window cleaning.We provide window cleaning services for all of the different building types listed below. We’re confident we can provide a solution that will satisfy you.

  • High rise residential buildings
  • Medium density residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Offices and Warehouses
  • Industrial and Factories
  • Multi Storey Retail Shop Fronts
  • New Developments and Builds
  • High Rise schools and universities
  • Car showrooms
  • Strata, Community and Company title buildings.


What is the process of high rise window cleaning?

High rise window cleaning is an arduous process. As professional high rise window cleaners are often required to work in physically demanding and dangerous conditions, they must be proficient and qualified in managing the risks that come with being suspended high up several storey buildings, and executing services effectively.

Rope access techniques for high rise window cleaning are developed from climbing and caving with the ability to ascend and descend, as well as change from one rope to another to efficiently clean all parts of a window.

The window cleaners are set off anchors which are firmly mounted on the roof. These anchors ensures that all workers can clean windows safely as they descend vertically to the next window.

To guarantee the safety of our window cleaners and quality service, All JG Vertical staff are professionally trained and qualified within their fields. We provide a site supervisor to each job which has more than 2 years experience and generally a Level 2 or Level 3 IRATA qualified technician. All JG Vertical staff have completed more than 2 years (2000 logged hours) of work experience, and signed off by an IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) Supervisor.

How much does high rise window cleaning cost in Sydney?

There are many factors that go into the cost of high rise window cleaning in Sydney. The overall quote can depend on the size and scale of your building, the style of window panes that need to be cleaned, the safety processes and risks involved and the weather at the time of cleaning. There’s no one-side-fits all pricing for high rise window cleaning as every building is different and possess varying maintenance needs. Other factors that can influence overall cost include the speed of the clean as well as the number of window panes a business can clean within an hour. Contact a specialist and we can calculate an accurate quote for you.

What if a window is damaged/broken during the process of cleaning?

Like other companies who specialise in high rise window cleaning, JG Vertical carries Public Liability insurance of $20 Million, the minimum requirement for most large commercial enterprises. Our customers are fully covered for any liability in relation to property damage as well as workmanship issues on our part. We want to make sure you’re well taken care of.

What other cleaning services do you offer?

JG Vertical provides a comprehensive range of maintenance services plus rescue and safety services. Explore our services below:

● High Rise Window Cleaning
● Pressure cleaning / building wash down
● Concrete / render repairs
● Caulking and waterproofing
● Painting and protective coating
● Gutter clearing
● Defect rectification
● Trade assistance

Rescue & Safety
● Design and planning of Height Safety Systems
● Anchor point installation
● Anchor testing and certification
● Walkway and ladder systems
● Supply and installation of safety nets
● Confined space
● Standby rescue
● Engineering and consultation

Why choose JG Vertical for high rise window cleaning?

With 10+ years of experience and the nationally-accredited qualifications behind us, JG Vertical has the knowledge and the expertise to successfully execute your high rise window cleaning requirements and consider the risky challenges when it comes to this profession. From painting, cleaning, installations, maintenance and rescue services, we work with you closely to meet your goals of cleaning windows quickly, efficiently, safely and reliably. As a leading company specialising in rope access window cleaning, we guarantee a squeaky clean view from your business or residential windows.

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    Safety is a top priority for the JG Vertical team. For this reason our team is trained and certified according to the official Australian safety regulations.