An essential system to ensure the safety of your workers, walkway and ladder safety systems provide an effective passive solution that reduces the risk of injury and even fatalities in the work environment. 

Whether you are working on a rooftop, a scaffold, or any other elevated platform, incorporating the appropriate walkway and roof access walkway system can provide a crucial layer of protection. 

At JG Vertical, we specialise in designing and installing custom height safety systems that meet the requirements of our clients in Gold Coast.

All of our walkways and ladder systems comply with AS1891.4 and AS4488. In accordance with standards and manufacturer’s guidelines, our team regularly inspects and load-tests all height safety systems, including Recertification, Testing and Tagging services every 12 months.

Why Invest in Walkway & Ladder Systems? 

Roof access ladder systems provide a passive safety solution that reduces the risk of injury and death by providing a secure pathway and anchor points for workers to perform their tasks safely. 

We are accredited Height Safety Installers, offering only the best end-to-end services and solutions for your walkway and ladder access installation.

A Passive Protection System

As part of our services at JG Vertical, we crafted and installed the following systems: 

Walkway Systems

JG Vertical’s rooftop walkways and elevated walkway systems provide workers with a secure and permanent route, giving them controlled access to work on a range of elevated surfaces. 

We design walkways that are non-slip and have the added benefit of protecting roof membranes from high foot traffic areas while ensuring workers stay away from fall zones and skylights.

Our JG Vertical walkway systems are:

  • Well-designed and installed by certified height safety experts
  • Site compliant
  • Manufactured with high-quality materials
  • Exceed all relevant Australian standards, including AS 1657:2018
  • Non-slip design
  • It can be installed and levelled on sloped surfaces to meet height safety standards.
  • Non-corrosive, with specialised mounting options. This can prevent galvanic reactions between metals.
  • Minimal components- cost-effective, reduced on-site labour and minimal maintenance.

Ladder Safety Systems

JG Vertical’s ladder safety system can be designed, manufactured and installed to suit the unique requirements of your site and built using the highest-quality materials. Our team can certify your system to ensure that you meet the relevant safety standards. 

We provide permanently installed access solutions from step ladders, angled rung ladders and vertical ladders, which are safe but convenient and cost-effective solutions for roof-top access. 

All ladders we manufacture include additional safety features, including non-slip rungs, and are compatible with fall protection accessories from safety cages, rails, platforms, and vertical fall arrest lines.

Our JG Vertical Ladder Safety Systems:

  • Suit any application
  • Fully compliant with all relevant Australian height safety standards, including AS 1657:2018
  • Prefabricated, modular components for easy installation
  • Made from industrial-grade aluminium
  • Specially designed rung profile for easy use
  • Neat appearance with options for powder coating to match surrounding structures
  • Can integrate with the following height safety equipment-ladder cages, platforms, guardrails, walkways, and fall arrest systems

Rope Access Solutions

At JG Vertical, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality walkway ladder system services throughout all Sydney and Gold Coast areas. 

Our Certificated professionals will deliver impeccable results for any roof walkway system. As part of our service, we inspect and audit your site before design and installation. 

We ensure that our design and installation of walkways and ladder systems are accurately in line with your on-site requirements while guaranteeing safe access to rooftops for all operating, inspection, maintenance and servicing staff.

Why Choose JG Vertical for Walkway & Ladder Safety Systems?

So if you need roof walkway installation, we are the team for you, offering our expertise to work in accessible areas and work at heights for Industrial rope access and abseiling, anchor point installation, height safety systems and more. 

If you want to learn more, please contact our reliable team, who will happily assist you. 

Our experts at JG Vertical can also assess and mitigate any height risks on the premises to make sure a complete height safety solution plan is in place.

We are bound by levels of excellence, quality workmanship and 100% customer transparency. Feel rest assured that no matter how complex your height safety requirements, we can construct a walkway system and ladder system that is also tailored to your budget.

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