Signage Installation Services

Are you looking to increase foot traffic on your premises and attract new stakeholders?

JG Vertical’s qualified team utilises advanced rope access systems and rigging to offer end to end signage installation and removal services to boost your company’s revenue.

With over ten years of experience in the field, we leverage our expertise in traversing multi-storey complexes and hard to access areas to safely and efficiently install sky signage, banners and advertising material on various building structures. ​Whether aged or damaged signs are at a great height or have unique installation requirements, we ensure that your signs are properly installed so that your customers can see your messaging. From multiple signage works to corporate re-brands, you can be sure that no project is too difficult.

At JG Vertical, we only employ the most skilled workers adept at using rope access systems. These advanced riggers are licensed to construct hauling systems that are often required for quality signage installation and other building components.

We can install or remove the following signage solutions:

  • PVC and mesh banners
  • Cut out letters
  • Pan letters
  • Full fab letters
  • SAV / Digital Prints
  • Flex face / Light boxes
  • Full rebrands or national rollouts
  • Window graphics
  • Local or national installation
  • Banners
  • Billboards

Why use signage installation services

A sign installation can elevate your company’s brand presence to new customers. Hire a professional rope access technician, you can make the most out of your service while ensuring your new sign is both durable and highly aesthetic.

As experts in facade access, we have the appropriate equipment required to carry out your installation safely while following Worksafe guidelines, and causing minimal disruption to your business. Our team always ensures the safety of your building occupants, staff and pedestrians throughout the entire process regardless of the height, size and location of your installation project.


Why work with JG Vertical

Our qualified team of rope access technicians are trained and certified in-house to ensure all your specialised signage installation or removal requirements are met on time, safely and without any issues.

After installation, we go above and beyond with our signage installation services. We can conduct a thorough Quality Assurance on all installations to ensure that we meet industry standards while making sure your company’s objectives are met. You can rest easy that your business’s signs will endure the test of time.

We are the safest choice thanks to our specialised lifting, rigging and abseiling methods which mean, we are also a low impact and cost-effective method compared to traditional scaffolding and heavy machinery.

By partnering with JG Vertical, you’re promised:

  • Quality work and results that you can see
  • A decade worth of experience
  • Workers compensation and public liability insurance
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Guaranteed customer transparency

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