Signage installation & removal, at the highest quality

Stickers, signages and decals are easy to install, but removal is another story. Keeping beautifully maintained, polished and undamaged signage for your business is critical.

JG Vertical’s rope access experts are highly trained in signage installation, the removal and reinstallation of front facade signage for any commercial or industrial property. Whether aged or damaged signs are at a height, in difficult to reach areas or have unique installation requirements, JG Vertical has the expertise to update any signage safely and with ease and efficiency. We ensure that any signs are properly installed so that your customers can see your messaging.

At JG Vertical, we can install graphics including:

  • Large-scale banners
  • Window and facade graphics
  • Menu boards
  • Site signs
  • Building directories
  • DDA signs

It’s not just signage installation. Our certified experts at JG Vertical are also adept in signage removal. Anyone who’s peeled a piece of tape off a smooth surface can comprehend that it usually results in three things:

  1. The sticky adhesive taking everything underneath with it
  2. Sticky residue leaving behind dirt and dust
  3. Leaving an insubstantial surface to put up new signage and stickers afterwards

If you’re having trouble removing old decals or looking to replace company signage for a business rebrand, our specialist cleaners offer comprehensive removal of all types of signage, including billboard decals, paint, window stickers and more. Our process, removal methods and state-of-the-art equipment are powerful, effective, but gentle- we work carefully and with precision to ensure we remove any signage without damaging glass, walls and floors.

In addition to our rope access residential and commercial maintenance services, we also offer decal and signage installation services and removal as a standalone service.


What to expect at JG Vertical

At JG Vertical, we don’t like cutting corners. Our qualified team of rope access technicians are trained and certified in-house to ensure all your specialised signage installation or removal requirements are met on time, safely and without any issues. We work with you one-on-one, and with a decade of industry experience, you are guaranteed the best service with results that you can see.

Our signage installation services extend far beyond updating your company’s branding. After installation, we conduct thorough Quality Assurance to ensure we have installed your new signage to industry standards and your business needs. Rest assured that your company’s signage will stand the test of time. Our in-house team will conduct a site assessment for larger, more sophisticated installation and removal projects, arranging necessary equipment (such as abseiling and rope access equipment) to ensure the job is completed correctly. We work fast and efficiently so your daily operations can continue without interruption.

JG Vertical is also committed to providing safe workplaces and work conditions. Not only do we carry full public liability insurance, but we also practice safe on-site work conditions and follow OH&S, complying with all relevant legislation and state guidelines.

JG Vertical is 100% certified in rope access-related work. As commercial maintenance is our speciality, we have left many clients satisfied with our work.

By partnering with JG Vertical, you’re promised:

  • Quality work and results that you can see
  • A decade worth of experience
  • Workers compensation and public liability insurance
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Guaranteed customer transparency

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