Anchor Testing & Certification

Anchor Testing & Certification

Did you know that Australian Standards requires all height safety systems to have an annual inspection due to the high-risk nature of rope access jobs and working at great heights?

Certified specialists must inspect anchor points to guarantee that they are still in sound condition and safe. This in-depth process takes considerable time, meticulous attention to detail, and, of course, the qualified expertise of certified installers to assess each safety point to confirm whether anchor points are in safe working condition.

JG Vertical is best in class when it comes to anchor testing and undertaking rigorous safety inspection requirements. With JG Vertical, you have the confidence that qualified industry experts can provide you with comprehensive anchor testing, inspection and certification of any Height Safety Systems. Once an assessment is complete, a Certificate of compliance is issued to your company.

Need to replace damaged anchor points on your property? JG Vertical also provides anchor point installation services all across Sydney & Newcastle, at the highest quality which we can annually maintain and repair when necessary.

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Why do you need annual anchor testing?

According to current Australian standards regarding fall arrest systems and roof anchors, inspections must follow a manufacturer’s recommendations and require an in-depth assessment every 12 months.

But, even if you’ve previously complied with height safety systems and inspections, anchor points can still be rendered unsafe due to:

  • Non-compliant installation
  • Structural damage and change
  • Compromised building material from weather, rust, stress, or vibration weakening
  • Damaged height safety equipment due to misuse

Therefore, it is crucial to comply with regular safety inspections as per Australian WH&S legislation.

What to expect when working with JG Vertical?

All experts who are required to work at great heights comprehend that safety is of great importance.

Whether you’re a painter, roofer, window washer or builder, JG Vertical ensures that your safety remains our topmost priority. With 10+ years in anchor certification, we recognise the risk that people face when working within these unique fields and do everything in our power to combat injury and ensure you remain safe at all times.

So why choose JG Vertical for your professional anchor testing? First and foremost, our team of safety engineers and anchor point installers at JG Vertical are qualified certifiers for anchor testing. Not only are they IRATA trained and certified rope access technicians, but each member has also undertaken advanced height safety training to help them pinpoint a range of height risk situations and apply the most appropriate design suitable solutions.

With a sound understanding (and impressive record) of current WH&S legislation, height safety regulations and codes of practice, our anchor certifiers have the industry know-how to guarantee your anchor points and height safety systems are in optimal working order. Meanwhile, our broad skill set enables our team to ensure that any project is delivered to the highest standards and meets all compliance requirements.

Our primary protection to prevent height-related incidents is conducting comprehensive inspections and testing of your worksite to ensure that you meet all workplace safety requirements. Testing your worksite guarantees your staff and your property is completely safe, no matter the heights people are working at. With JG Vertical’s, you can avoid workplace accidents and take the proper precautions and checks with a trustworthy anchor certification team like ours.

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