We Offer High Quality Commercial Window Cleaning

As rope access specialists we can clean windows at heights and hard to reach places. This expertise and attention to detail makes JG Vertical the first choice for your commercial window cleaning and rope access maintenance needs.

Whether you require rigorous window cleaning for two or 57 stories, JG vertical’s rope access technician team specialises in residential and commercial window washing throughout NSW and other neighbouring states. With over a decade of experience, our team works fast to provide the best results possible, giving your windows a proper deep wash, buffing and squeegee. You can surely trust our expert team to work fast to provide the best and sparkling results. Our experts are IRATA certified, meaning we can help you clean the tallest and complex building designs and structures across Greater Sydney and other locations safely and with efficiency. At affordable rates, we can give you beautiful, clean and sparkling windows.

The Importance of Commercial Window Washing

Did you know that a clean working environment makes for happier employees? This sentiment also applies to the exterior facade and windows of your building. Squeaky clean windows ensure that plenty of natural light can filter into an office space, instantly lifting a work environment and boosting productivity. Additionally, regular office window cleaning and maintenance can keep windows looking great for years to come, prevent window damage and protect indoor air quality whilst maintaining a building’s energy efficiency levels.

For business owners on the other hand, having beautifully clean windows can bring many benefits to an enterprise. Owning a retail space? A clean window can allow people walking past to see the products you offer and encourage that foot trafficking to walk into your establishment. In corporate offices, large clean windows improve overall health and the sleep of workers.

Using Professional Window Washers

Businesses, strata buildings and multi-storey apartments have a lot of windows which are often hard to reach and involve scaling dangerous heights. Therefore, booking professional commercial window cleaners is the best option and means that the job will get done. A professional window cleaner is experienced in leaving a window immaculate and has the expertise and tools to clean hard-to-reach places.

Professional commercial window cleaners bring their own state-of-the-art equipment to do the job for you. For JG Vertical, squeegees, cleaning solutions and rope access equipment are the tools of their trade, so you be rest assured that you’ll receive the best results and ensure the job is done safely.

By working with professional window cleaners, you are also guaranteed a team that’s fully trained, certified and run by a licensed business. Most importantly, each team member is fully ensured, so you can feel secure when you invite them onto your property.

Why use JG Vertical?

Commercial window cleaning while mandatory is also time-consuming and requires skill. Therefore, it’s imperative to rely on a dedicated company that has the experience, skill-set and tools of the trade to execute window washing with precision. Based in Sydney, JG Vertical is the professional team that works extensively to fulfil their responsibilities and expectations.


We are industry leaders in window cleaning quality.


We act with minimal downtime meaning your needs are satisfied faster.


We can clean windows at a range of different positions and heights.

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