Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repair Services

With over 10+ years of experience in concrete repair services.

Whether it’s internal and external waterproofing work, treating concrete spalling, integrating chemical resistant coatings and adding construction joints to difficult to access areas. Whether its cracks and concrete cancer near windows or hard-to-reach facades, our experts can pinpoint an ideal solution to all your concrete repair requirements and other defect repair services.

Our experienced team at JG Vertical are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained and certified rope access technicians.

Therefore, we only use the most advanced and safest of rope access equipment to get to hard to reach areas of a building facade for concrete repair or maintenance. With a central focus on restoration for the long term, you can count on our JG Vertical experts to maintain the structural and aesthetic value of your high rise property.

Throughout Australia, we’ve built a strong reputation based on efficient service combined with value for money, and quality workmanship. Works we have completed include 88-92 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool and Lume Apartments.

Our qualified experts can help you in the following service areas:

● Problem analysis and solution planning
● Extended manufacturers’ warranties

Why use JG Vertical?


We’ve built a strong reputation based on efficient service combined with value for money, and quality workmanship.


Full resources rope access, with state-of-the-art equipment.


Experienced professionals to manage any project and whatever the scale, regardless of the condition of the building.

What can we do for you?

No matter how large or small your project, our experienced team has expertise to complete a number of commercial and residential concrete repairs in Australia. We can assist with:

● Internal and external waterproofing
● Mastic joints
● Concrete cancer (concrete spalling)
● Touch ups in inaccessible areas *with the assistance of specialist rope access
● Construction joints including; vertical, horizontal and floor joints
● Complete rendering repairs when render is drummy or cracking

How Do Concrete Cracks Appear

While common occurrences, the following damages are a hassle to take care of. Which is why many of our client’s turn to JG Vertical to find the best solutions appropriate to repair high rise structural damage and deterioration for external brick facade repairs.

Cracks can appear in the concrete for a number of reasons. More often than not, cracks, breakages and erosion in the concrete is due to the wrong blending of mixture at the time construction is executed. Whether it’s a hairline crack or significant structural deterioration, concrete damage is much more than an ugly blemish on your building’s facade.

Once you notice damage, it’s imperative to get on top of it straight away before the crack expands and escalates the damage throughout your floors. Inserting joints in the cracks, the expansion of cracks and damages can be prevented.

When it comes to patching up damages on external facades, our experts at JG Vertical use only the best Helifix products to extend the lifetime of your building.

Concrete damage- Identifying the issue

JG Vertical has significant experience in treating concrete cracks, chipping and concrete cancer. Our concrete repair experts have remedial services for a variety of strata, residential and commercial projects.

As experts, we understand the underlying causes of concrete deterioration. Therefore, we look past the top level warning signs to get to the root cause of your concrete damage whether it’s hairline cracks in the facade or wear and tear near window panes.

Concrete spalling and cracks, big or small, can be a costly problem for high rise residential and commercial building owners and strata managers, especially if the buildings feature inaccessible areas.

Compromised concrete can lead to serious structural integrity problems resulting in extensive remediation works and costs. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to find a qualified team of rope access technicians to get ahead of the damage and repair immediately before the issue worsens.

Our experts at JG Vertical leverages the most innovative concrete repair services available to ensure the longevity and integrity of your building remains intact.

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