Non-Destructive Testing via Rope Access

Rope access inspection and maintenance are popular alternatives to traditional building access solutions like scaffolding, or heavy machinery.

NDT via Rope access can be invaluable in instances where traditional solutions aren’t viable- in most cases, working at great heights and challenging to reach/access areas.

JG Vertical’s rope access non destructive testing services ensure that our qualified and highly trained technicians can traverse difficult-to-access areas and carefully examine various commercial and industrial complex’s structural integrity. This ensures our technicians can provide your business with an accurate and actionable assessment, which can allow your company to perform the necessary repair and maintenance work better to maximise the safety and performance of your building.

NDT testing is imperative to help locate a defect in a product or system, but while providing measurement information in relation to the defect size, shape and orientation. It can also be used to determine the physical properties of a material including fracture toughness and formability.

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Integrating NDT testing with Rope Access

Integrating specialised Rope Access with NDT inspection and testing ensures that our technicians can immediately access any work location and eliminate hours lost setting up traditional scaffolding.

You can save costly downtime, carry out any project in a tight turnaround, and guarantee a professional and detailed inspection that keeps your facility and business operations up and running. In some cases, we can also help you avoid the necessity of disrupting any systems altogether whilst conducting inspections.

Once inspection data has been collected, we provide you with an accurate inspection report, analysis and consultation as requested.


Why choose JG Vertical?

JG Vertical prides itself on hiring a team of not only experienced rope access technicians to fulfil your rope access inspection requirements. We utilise only the best equipment, which we regularly test and maintain to ensure that we conduct any service to the best of our abilities.

Based on these reasons alone makes JG Vertical the superior choice for rope access NDT services in Sydney. Not only are we the more environmentally friendly and more economical choice than scaffolding, but we are also safer for your business and employees.


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