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January 2023 – Parramatta Square, Darcy St &, Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 21

JG Vertical was engaged by Walker Group to be a part of our second major Art Installation in Parramatta Square.

“The Parramatta Tapestry is a commissioned artwork produced by Chris Kenyon, installed in the 6 Parramatta Square atrium. The artwork depicts a luminous, dream-like landscape. The Parramatta Tapestry contains the stretch of the river displaying a particular section of riverbank which was the landing spot early explorers settled upon in Parramatta. The tapestry speaks to the natural beauty and abundance of the original landscape known to the Burramattagal people”*

Our scope consisted of the following:

Pre inspection site meetings and detailed planning with the client and all parties involved to compile and design asufficient and safe method of lifting and installation. Utilising rope access and rigging techniques was found to be the most suitable and least destructive option.

JG completed the following:

  • Arranging the hire and delivery of multiple spider EWP’s to site with the suitable floor protection to protect the foyer area during access, egress and the area they were situated for the works.
  • Design, installation, and certification of Sayfa AP118 150mm Raised concrete anchorage points above the stone cladding into base substrate that were utilised for the lifting and hauling of the Tapestry pieces.
  • Co-ordination of all parties and around the lifting and installation of the Tapestry into position where specialist tapestry technicians carefully mounted the pieces onto the foyer wall.

The team came together to work out the logistics of the rigging and hauling systems, manufacture of the custom central beam that supported the rolled Tapestry during lifting and the utilisation. Lifting was completed using specialist Actsafe ACX Powered ascenders which was mounted on ground level to control the positioning and lifting works.

The 300kg Tapestry, woven by the Australian Tapestry Workshop, was lifted into two pieces of 150kg which was then carefully Velcro together by the assistance and expertise of specialist from Walker to ensure it was positioned as desired.

Timelapse: shared by Walker Corporation

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