Fabric structures are great investments for numerous commercial applications but they cannot be utilised to their full potential until they have been correctly installed.

Fabric structures must be installed by skilled specialists. At JG Vertical, feel rest assured that your custom fabric constructions can be efficiently and safely installed with the greatest care and professionalism by our technicians.

Fabric structure installation is faster and more environmentally economical compared to traditional steel or wood. There are several benefits of fabric structures that traditional building methods cannot match, including:

Faster construction times – fabric structures can be installed on-site within days.

Easy to maintain – temporary structures are easier to keep clean and maintain.

Customisable – our team can install any fabric structure in various sizes and shapes.

JG Vertical’s fast installation services can provide clients with a speedy assembly, minimal maintenance as well as enhanced energy efficiency.

Our Fabric Structure Installation Crew

JG Vertical’s highly skilled installation crew have the experience to assemble a variety of tension fabric structures including waterproof fabric and PVC. We understand the significance of having your cloth construction professionally installed, which is why we also have a network of in-house teams that are specially trained to install tension fabric at great heights. We can assist in installing the following applications;

  • Retail centres
  • Airport facilities
  • Walkway covers
  • Fully enclosed sporting and aquatic centres
  • Educational venues
  • Cultural and entertainment venues
  • Resorts
  • Hospitals

Whether you’re looking for a basic installation kit, a complete turn-key solution, or looking to install the fabric structure yourself, JG Vertical is your team of professional fabric installers to do the job.

Our Fabric Structure Installation Services

Fabric Structure Installations
Fabric structures are not all the same; therefore, each system’s installation process is different. At JG Vertical, our specialised crew of fabric structure installers are certified to build the most complex fabric structures to the most straightforward.

Turn Key Installation
We understand how important it is to you that your new fabric structure investment is of premium quality. As a result, JG Vertical sends the most experienced and trustworthy installation experts to your site, and uses the best equipment for the job. From beginning to end, our seasoned field personnel will come to your project location and install your fabric structure. Feel rest assured in the fact that we provide knowledgeable and professional advice on-site to deliver your final product.


Why Choose JG Vertical For Fabric Structure Installation Services?

Performing every installation with quality, accountability, and continuous improvement is our top priority.

When you invest in fabric structure installation services from JG Vertical, you’ll experience the benefits of working with a knowledgeable, highly qualified and experienced team. Our central focus is to leverage our decades of installation, rope access services and unbeatable customer service to deliver the highest quality fabric structures in the industry.

Regarding design flexibility, you can expect JG Vertical to go above and beyond to install fabric structures customised to meet your needs.

Your customer satisfaction is always at the centre of our structure solutions, no matter your project requirements.

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