Industrial Rope Access & Abseiling

Delivering comprehensive industrial abseiling and facade restoration services for leading business corporations and enterprises.

When it comes to completing elevated tasks in challenging environments, such as maintenance, inspections, and construction work, traditional methods may fall short. That’s where our industrial rope access and abseiling come into play. 

JG Vertical offers innovative solutions for an industrial rope access with our trusted team of qualified rope access experts who will complete any project quickly and professionally.

With JG Vertical, Industrial Rope Access Services

Industrial rope access, also known as abseiling, is a specialised method used for accessing and working on vertical surfaces and structures in various industrial sectors. It involves using ropes, harnesses, and associated equipment to enable technicians to safely descend, ascend, and maneuver at heights.

This innovative technology offers a flexible and efficient alternative to traditional access methods like scaffolding or powered lifts. Using rope access, our skilled technicians can reach inaccessible areas quickly and securely, minimising the need for costly and time-consuming equipment set-up.

Why use JG Vertical?


Superior workmanship and protective coating products.


Full resources rope access, with state-of-the-art equipment.


Experienced professionals to manage any project and whatever the scale, regardless of the condition of the building.

Our Industrial Abseiling Services Include

  • High Rise Pressure Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Buildings. 
  • High-Rise Priming and Painting.
  • Signage (Install or Remove).
  • Sealing and Waterproofing.
  • External Masonry Repairs.
  • Spalling Repairs.
  • Gutter and Downpipe Repairs.
  • Remedial Building Repairs.
  • Window Replacement and Glazing.
  • Abseiling for Window Cleaning.
  • Abseiling for Building Maintenance
  • Industrial Rope Access Systems.
  • Signage Installation Removal.

JG Vertical Safety in High-rise Abseiling

Safety is the leader in industrial rope access and abseiling operations. At JG Vertical, we prioritise the well-being of our industrial rope access technicians and clients. Here are some key safety measures:

Rigorous Training and Certification

Our technicians receive rigorous training and certifications. This ensures they have the necessary skills and knowledge for safe rope access operations. They are trained in various aspects, including rope handling, industrial abseiling, rescue techniques, and equipment usage.

Adherence to Industry Standards

We strictly adhere to industry standards and guidelines, such as those established by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). This ensures that our operations meet the highest safety standards.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Before commencing any project, we conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards and develop effective control measures. This proactive approach helps us minimise risks and improve safety.

Regular Equipment Inspections

All equipment used in rope access operations goes under regular inspections and maintenance to ensure its integrity and functionality. This includes ropes, harnesses, anchors, and other supporting gear.

Why Choose JG Vertical for Industrial Rope Access & Abseiling Services?

JG Vertical is your trusted rope access company providing reliable, high-quality services. Here’s why clients choose JG Vertical for their high-rise rope access and abseiling needs:

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of experience and a team of skilled technicians, JG Vertical ensures excellent service delivery for every project.
  • Safety First: JG Vertical prioritises safety and complies with strict safety regulations and industry best practices.
  • Advanced Equipment: JG Vertical utilises the latest equipment and technology to improve efficiency and ensure optimal results.
  • Customised Solutions: Understanding that each project is unique, we are committed to providing solutions to meet specific client requirements.
  • Responsive and Reliable: We value clear communication, punctuality, and delivering projects within agreed timelines.
  • Commitment to Quality: JG Vertical is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and exceeding client expectations.

Explore Our Recent Projects


ANZ Stadium

Accessing acres of steel work using various aid-climbing techniques to undertake ultrasonic thickness measurements of this iconic venue.

Macquarie University Arts Precinct

Specialised rope access setup to conduct facade remediation and roof structure works.

Lume Apartments

Working on several building assignments, we reduced expensive costs and provided a quality outcome for developer and builder.

88-92 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool

Cost-effective provision of industrial abseilers for remediation work on concrete patching and masonry staining, with high praise from builder.

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