Working at heights poses numerous risks, including falls, accidents, and injuries. Height safety systems are crucial in mitigating these risks by providing a secure environment for workers to carry out their tasks.  

JG Vertical is a team of certified height safety installers specialising in providing safe solutions for working at great heights. We provide CAD designs, industry knowledge, and partnerships with top safety equipment suppliers. This helps facility managers rest assured that their workspace meets fall protection and regulations. 

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Why Height Safety Systems Matter

Height safety and anchor systems are essential due to several reasons. First,  they are vital in preventing accidents and injuries caused by falls from great heights, which are unfortunately common in workplaces. 

They are crucial in industries where working at heights is unavoidable. In such circumstances, having carefully planned and designed systems ensures that workers can perform their tasks safely and efficiently. 

Workplace safety regulations often require specific safety measures when working at heights. Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for their employees, and height safety systems are essential to fulfilling this responsibility.  

Our Height Safety Solutions

At JG Vertical, we offer a diverse range of height safety systems tailored to the specific needs of our clients.  Some of our crucial height safety systems include:

Our Process For Height Safety Systems

At JG Vertical, we have developed a process that ensures the proper height safety systems installation; We work collaboratively with our clients in our step-by-step that includes.

1. Evaluation of the Site: We complete thorough risk assessments, identifying hazards and analysing what exact work needs to be done to keep workers safe at all times; this helps planning the height safety system to determine the best option.

In this stage, we supply you with the required products from our supply network of leading Australian manufacturers.

2. Design Process: After the evaluation, we design the height safety system, detailing the specifications, including system design, layout, the scope of works schedule, budget and installation time frame.

3. Construct the Safety System: The safety system is built at our headquarters; At JG Vertical, we follow strict guidelines and quality control measures. 

4. Installation: Once we complete the construction of the system, our rope access professionals will do the installation process; we take your feedback to heart and ensure that you’re fully informed of every step. We perform height safety system inspections with everything installed to provide a high-level result. 

JG Vertical’s accredited team of installers, designers and rope access specialists have the tools, expertise and years of experience to design a height safety system and install it on your site system that meets your unique requirements and budget and is compliant with Australian safety standards.

Your Height Safety & Rope Access Experts

Investing in reliable or roof-height safety systems significantly reduces the risk of accidents. By implementing safety measures, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their employees.

We prioritise safety by conducting regular inspections and load-testing of their height safety systems every 12 months, following Australian standards. JG Vertical’s experienced rope access experts are the go-to choice for reliable installation and planning of height safety systems.

Are you ready to level up your height safety systems? Contact us today, and let’s start working together. 

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    Anchoring with JG Vertical

    At JG Vertical, safety is one of our key values that we prioritise at every step of the way. When combined with our years of experience in working at heights, building defects and remedial repairs, JG Vertical acts as your one stop team for all things buildings.

    Looking for a comprehensive rope access and height safety team to rope into the mix for your building project?

    Safety is a top priority for the JG Vertical team. For this reason our team is trained and certified according to the official Australian safety regulations.