Falls from great heights are unfortunately one of the most common sources of workplace injury in Sydney. Risks however, associated with working at great heights are usually downplayed.

Ultimately, it is safer for workers to avoid working at heights, but there are many circumstances across a variety of industries when this is simply not possible. In such situations, carefully planned and designed height safety systems are required.

JG Vertical are the experts who can assist you.

We are your team of certified height safety installers, keeping your employees safe whilst scaling great heights. With detailed CAD designs, industry know-how and relationships with leading safety equipment suppliers, we put in all our efforts in providing facility managers with the peace of mind that their worksite is fully compliant in fall protection regulations.

We specialise in design and consultation for height safety systems, including fall arrest systems including work restrain in rope access anchor point, walkways and latter systems and custom systems to suit certain configurations.

By putting your safety in the forefront, feel rest assured that nothing is missed. As part of our services, our experts regularly inspect and load-test our height safety systems every 12 months in accordance with Australian standards.

For reliable height safety system installation and planning, look no further than the services of our experienced rope access experts at JG Vertical.

The Height Safety System Design & Installation Process

Planning height safety systems prior to installation is an important process that follows strict guidelines and quality control measures. As a result, we are committed to putting care and collaboration into the process as necessary. In the initial stage, we will attend your site, get the information we need and move onto the design process.

We complete thorough risk assessments, identifying hazards and analysing what exact work needs to be done to keep workers safe at all times.

We then come up with a detailed design based on your site requirements with cost estimates.

Once design has been approved, we then construct a safety system that is suited to the specific nature of your building requirements and budget.

Throughout the entirety of the process, we work collaboratively with you to guarantee you’re left feeling satisfied with the results.

As part of our services, our JG Vertical experts can provide you with a detailed package that includes detailed costings and a system layout, bill quantities and technical drawings.

Our package covers the following:

  • To ensure utmost precision, we design your height safety solution
  • We provide you a detailed proposal which includes an accurate estimation of overall costs
  • We supply you with required products from our supply network of leading Australian manufacturers
  • We give you a design brief ensuring the consistency of your system. This includes system design, layout, scope of works schedule and installation time frame
  • We work closely with you during the installation process. We take your feedback to heart and ensure that you’re fully informed of every step

How Can We Help

JG Vertical’s accredited team of installers, designers and rope access specialists have the tools, the expertise and the years of experience to design a height safety system and install it on your site. Our team is bound by levels of excellence, quality workmanship and 100% customer transparency. As a result, you can feel rest assured that we can plan a new safety system that meets your unique requirements, budget and is compliant with Australian safety standards.


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    Anchoring with JG Vertical

    At JG Vertical, safety is one of our key values that we prioritise at every step of the way. When combined with our years of experience in working at heights, building defects and remedial repairs, JG Vertical acts as your one stop team for all things buildings.

    Looking for a comprehensive rope access and height safety team to rope into the mix for your building project?

    Safety is a top priority for the JG Vertical team. For this reason our team is trained and certified according to the official Australian safety regulations.