Facade Restoration

Our JG Vertical rope technicians are adept in all things related to building facade restoration and the repair for outdated commercial, residential and strata properties. With certified experience and unrivaled customer service, JG Vertical successfully restores any external elements of your building, both structurally and aesthetically with up-to-date finishes. This includes balcony balustrading, decorative features, rope access maintenance and painting, concrete repairs and so much more.

Whether you reside in a newer property or one built in the late 20th century, buildings can mature at varying speeds depending on their external fabric construction. Most facade materials can last from 5 to 20 years and therefore must be upgraded regularly by experienced and certified technicians. With brand new facades, the value of your property can skyrocket, exterior damage from unpredictable weather can be reduced as well as keep the look of a building modern, functional and clean while adhering to Australian building codes. Internal asset damage can also be mitigated by keeping the roof and walls air and watertight.

Facade restoration can be a major undertaking. As a result, our experienced team can coordinate remedial works with landowners and management, often while tenants remain in the building. JG Vertical has the expertise to carry out large-scale restoration projects and adhere to the highest quality standards, and safety requirements.

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Our Facade Upgrade Services

At JG Vertical, we work closely with all clients to create a facade restoration and repair solution that complies to Australian safety and structural standards whilst also meeting budgetary requirements. We deliver a wide range of facade repairs from the simplest upgrades from painting and rendering to complex refurbishments for multi-storey buildings.

  • Initial facade repair assessment
  • Complete repair and upgrade
  • Rendering and painting
  • Structural rectification
  • Concrete repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Membrane coatings
  • Cavity flashing repairs
  • Balustrade replacement
  • Balcony repair and replacement
  • Window and door replacement
  • Structural underpinning
  • Brickwork rectification
  • Crack stitching
  • Gutter repairs

What can you expect from working with JG Vertical?

With our team of IRATA trained and certified rope access technicians, JG Vertical are able to safely access the most difficult to reach areas of your building’s exteriors to ensure you receive a brand new facade that exceeds your expectations. To prevent further damage to your property, we stand by using state-of-the-art equipment and employ preventative measures to ensure your building’s facade is long-lasting.

With a decade of industry experience behind us combined with our customer-centric approach, JG Vertical has a sound understanding of the hard work and risks associated with rope access related fields. Meanwhile, our broad skillset and highly qualified team members are guaranteed to complete any project. Whether it be installation of new balustrades, window and balcony repair and rope access painting and maintenance work, all facade upgrade tasks are delivered to the highest standards and comply with WH&S legislation and Australian height safety regulations.

JG Vertical stands by using the most innovative technology to deliver superior results and safer operations. As industry leaders, we regularly test new and existing facade restoration products to ensure they meet their written specifications and Australian standards.


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