High Rise Building Painting Sydney

Are you keen on creating a positive image for your clients, potential business partners or new residents? JG Vertical is your professional specialist in building painting services in Sydney‘s major suburbs.

With years of experience behind them, our team of certified exterior painters can provide an end-to-end rope access painting service to a range of commercial clients. Whether you are looking to mitigate external water damage, extend the longevity of your high rise building with a new prime and paint job to secure your property from peeling, JG Vertical can do so in spades. 

Why use JG Vertical?


Superior workmanship and protective coating products.


Full resources rope access, with state-of-the-art equipment.


Experienced professionals to manage any project and whatever the scale, regardless of the condition of the building.

Why Use Professional Building Painting Services In Sydney?

It is common to overlook the outer appearance of any high rise building. In truth, a pristine building exterior can do more than elevate the value of the property. 

A substantial paint job can protect your building from the environmental elements, mitigate the occurrence of rot and mould and prevent paint from chipping. With the right painting services, you can create a more durable exterior and maintain your building easily.

Neglecting regular building maintenance and exterior painting for multiple years will only cause longer-term damage to your property.

Rope Access vs. Traditional High Rise Access Methods

Rope access is ideal to repaint and maintain high rise buildings when traditional forms such as scaffolding and boom lifts aren’t possible. Rope access systems can quickly be established and dismantled which means minimised downtime, faster turnaround, less disruptions to traffic and foot-path flow and a safer, cleaner work environment.

Furthermore, our in-house rope access specialists adhere to the highest standards of safety in accordance with Australian safety regulations. This gives you peace of mind that our team will conduct a hazard-free operation and use best practice techniques to ensure safety measures remain impeccable.

JG Vertical’s team of multi-skilled rope access technicians can repaint the following high rise structures:

  • Industrial concrete or brick buildings
  • Commercial structures
  • Residential buildings
  • Strata company buildings
  • Stadiums

Why Utilise Our Rope Access Services?

  1. Versatile & Reliable: Multiple storey apartment buildings and the exterior facades of commercial structures in Sydney are difficult to navigate. With experienced rope access technicians, you can feel rest assured painters will be able to traverse and access every window ledge or corner safely, and with ease leaving you with a perfectly painted building. As a result, our rope access specialists can paint a wider variety of building types including commercial, strata, industrial and residential
  2. More Than Painting: Painting is just part of the many remedial services JG Vertical can provide for your business. Our specialists can give you a range of high-rise and structural maintenance work including building inspections, high rise window cleaning, pressure cleaning, caulking and waterproofing, gutter cleaning and more- all through trained and multi-skilled rope access technicians.

3. Professional Service Always: While JG Vertical prides itself on its prepping and painting expertise, we prioritise great customer service to our clients above all else. As an industry leader in rope access services and building remedial work, your satisfaction with the finished project and long-term objectives matters to us. Which is why we guarantee 100% customer transparency when discussing your budget to better tailor an action plan that suits your goals. Whatever your concerns, feel rest assured we’ll resolve problems in the shortest time possible.

If you believe your high rise building needs re-painting, then call our professional rope access painters. We can offer the best advice on priming, coating, caulking and so much more. 

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