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Lifting & Rigging Services

JG Vertical offers more than rope access related services. Our experts can provide you with world-class rigging services and assess whether your operations are safe and in good working condition, no matter how specialised your lifting and rigging requirements are.

The JG Vertical Team has the service technicians, top-class testing equipment, repairers, and installers to complete many rigging and lifting jobs. Our qualified technicians are trained in-house and use only the best industry practices and state of the art technology. Work with JG Vertical, and our team guarantees a smoother running of your operations and maximises any machine and crane uptime.

Our lifting services are available throughout the Greater Sydney region, Newcastle, Canberra and some remote sites in NSW regularly. We can service residential and commercial projects and infrastructure, including the oil, gas and mining industries.

JG Vertical maintains NATA accreditation for rope access work, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, certified visual inspection, and calibration to ensure quality assurance.

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Our Rigging & Lifting services

JG Vertical has a highly experienced rigging team on hand to complete the most demanding of lifting projects.

Our broad range of engineering and technical services range for annual visual expectations of lifting and rigging equipment, hoist rope installation, non-destructive testing of equipment, maintenance and repairs. Explore our complete services below:

  • Assessment of lifting and rigging gear for repair and maintenance
  • Mobile facilities for testing
  • Certified annual visual inspection
  • Height safety inspections for harnesses, lanyards and installation work
  • Lifting gear tests and repairs
  • Proof loading
  • DNV sling test, tag and repair.
  • Supply of horizontal and vertical lifelines
  • Inspection, repairs and maintenance for all horizontal and vertical lifelines
  • Anchor point installation and testing

What can you expect from working with JG Vertical?

JG Vertical has established itself as NSW’s leading specialising in lifting and rigging solutions with a central focus on the most complex lifting repair and maintenance requirements.

With over a decade of industry experience under our belts combined with our customer-centric approach, JG Vertical has a sound understanding of the hard work and risks associated with rope access related fields. Meanwhile, our broad skillset and highly qualified team members are guaranteed to complete any project. Whether it be installation or maintenance of your rigging to rope access painting, all projects are delivered to the highest standards, meets your expectations and comply with WH&S legislation and Australian height safety regulations.

With a complete in-house engineering and installation team and, our expert rigging services assures both new and long-time customers that we can sufficiently amend, rectify and tackle highly specialised and complex lifting requirements. As an industry leader, JG Vertical stands by using the most innovative technology to deliver superior results to ensure the industries we partner with can promise safer and more productive operations.

All products and lifting equipment are tested and certified by NATA to Australian standards, ensuring safe operational performance. We also regularly type-test new and existing products to meet their written specifications and Australian standards.

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    Safety is a top priority for the JG Vertical team. For this reason our team is trained and certified according to the official Australian safety regulations.