Rope Access Sydney

Providers of all rope access services across Sydney’s major suburbs.

JG Vertical is one of the leading rope access companies in Sydney, specialising in high-rise cleaning, painting, maintenance and repair work in “hard to access” areas.

Rope access is a state-of-the-art method that allows a team of certified technicians to work in difficult to reach or high levels safely. Our rope access technicians in Sydney utilise anchor points and a two-line rope system to conduct repair, cleaning and maintenance work in places where swing stages, aerial platforms or scaffolding isn’t feasible. Our team of rope access specialists are highly qualified to complete inspection, maintenance, window cleaning and repair services at height access across the Sydney CBD, and beyond.

Our rope access technicians put safety, quality and reliability above all else, which makes JG Vertical the first choice for a range of rope access techniques in Sydney.

Our team has the skills, the certifications and the expertise to consistently deliver the highest quality service to Sydney’s building owners, site managers and more.

The safety of our team and our clients is always our top priority. We regularly inspect and maintain all fall arrest, fall protection and positioning equipment. JG Vertical also undertakes a detailed safety analysis, outlining any pain points prior to commencing any rope access project.

Why use JG Vertical?


Superior workmanship and protective coating products.


Full resources rope access, with state-of-the-art equipment.


Experienced professionals to manage any project and whatever the scale, regardless of the condition of the building.

Advantages of rope access in Sydney

An experienced rope access company in Sydney can deliver a host of incident-free benefits to your establishment. These include but are not limited to:

  • Efficient: Our anchor systems allows our JG Vertical’s team to set-up and commence work quickly. We can access any asset and complete inspection in a matter of hours, compared to weeks-long scaffolding.
  • Minimal disruption on-site: Unlike upkeep methods involving boom lifts or suspended platforms, rope access requires minimal traffic management and road closures. Noise pollution is also kept at a minimum.
  • Affordable solutions: Rigging systems are simple to set up and have little impact on day to day operations. This means that our rope access technicians can offer savings in both project and overhead costs.

JG Vertical’s rope access solutions in Sydney

When it comes to industrial rope access services, JG Vertical has you covered. Whether you require a complete painting service, high rise window cleaning to facade repairs, our technicians have the expertise to overcome any job, no matter how complex the brief.

Explore our services below:

Rope access window cleaning Sydney

From multi-storey residential buildings, high-rises with balconies to commercial skyscrapers, our rope access specialists can clean windows at any height. Combined with our rope access expertise, and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we work fast to deliver the best possible results, giving your windows a proper deep wash, buffing and squeegee. Our specialists will work closely with building owners and managers to ensure that we conduct cleaning while causing minimal disruption to on-site staff, or residents.

Rope access painting Sydney

In a cosmopolitan city like Sydney, it’s a challenge to paint a property that’s more than a few storeys. With varying council fees and regulations ramping up costs, it almost feels impossible to use scaffolding to execute painting. This is where our rope access specialists can help.

Our superior proficiency in residential and commercial building painting allows our experts to accomplish any painting project with minimal impact on the environment. We do more than add colour to exterior walls. Throughout the painting process, we ensure that your organisation obtains a paint job that best portrays your business to clients and patrons.

Rope rescue & safety Sydney

Falls from great heights are one of the most common workplace injuries in Sydney. The risks that come with working at great heights are often downplayed. Our trained rope access specialists can assist you. JG Vertical delivers a range of height safety systems and solutions to keep your employees safe whilst scaling or working at great heights. Whatever your industry requirements, our technicians can provide you the safest solution and equipment required to ensure that your worksite is fully compliant within fall protection regulations.

  • Height safety systems
  • Anchor testing and certification
  • Roof anchor points
  • Walkways and ladder systems
  • Safety net installation

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