At JG Vertical, we supply, install, inspect and certify roof anchor points.

Securing the safety of workers who perform tasks at heights is crucial in rooftop work. If you’re working at heights, roof anchor points become essential as they serve as attachment points for individuals who need to access the rooftop or perform jobs up high. 

Installing roof anchor points ensures workers can perform their jobs safely and confidently; at JG Vertical, we provide high-level roof anchor point installation, inspection and certification. 

Why Install Roof Anchor Points?

Rope access anchor points are crucial safety devices that protect workers who perform tasks at heights from falling, and they are necessary when working on roofs or other elevated surfaces. Some reasons why you should invest in a roof anchor install are

  • Safety: Anchor points are secure attachment points for personal protective equipment, such as harnesses and lanyards, essential for preventing falls. By providing a reliable tie-off point, anchor points significantly reduce the risk of accidents, protecting workers from potential injuries or even fatalities when working at heights.
  • Convenience: Installing roof anchors makes it easier for workers to access the roof and perform tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing the time and effort required to set up other safety equipment.
  • Versatility: Anchor point serves to many purposes, whether is for tasks involving maintenance, repairs, or inspections on the external facade of a building, they are essential.  Access through anchor points is also vital for cleaning windows,  gutter cleaning, repairing cladding, or inspecting the structure’s integrity, ensuring the building’s aesthetics and functionality are maintained.
  • General Rope Access: These points allow workers to use ropes to access difficult-to-reach areas, such as confined spaces or areas with limited entry points. Rope access, facilitated by anchor points, offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for tasks requiring specialised access while adhering to strict safety standards.

Where Do We Install Abseiling Anchor Points

No matter what building project you have in mind, JG Vertical is here to help. We are experts in installing, inspecting, and certifying roof anchors for all buildings. Some project we can work on includes 

– New buildings.

– Existing buildings.

– Commercial.

– Residential.

– Strata.

– Industrial.

Our Roof Anchor Point Installation Process at JG Vertical

We follow a rigorous process to ensure the safety of workers while installing roof anchor point systems. Our process at JG Vertical includes the following: 

1. Design and supply height safety systems: We customise the design and build the height safety systems that meet your needs and requirements. 

2. Supply and install: Our team installs the roof anchor system using high-quality materials and the best installation techniques to ensure a safe procedure.

3. Inspect: We conduct a deep inspection to check and review the roof anchor system.

4. Certify: We perform testing and certifications because, according to Australian Standards it is mandatory to have fall arrest anchors or anchor points inspected and certified by a licensed professional every 12 months.

Your Rope Access Experts

The installation of roof anchor point systems requires a professional who is certified in anchor installation. JG Vertical is a certified company for installing this type of system, testing and undertaking rigorous safety inspection requirements that align with the Australian necessary standards. 

With us, you can trust that our qualified experts and certified installers will assess each safety point to confirm whether anchor points are in safe working condition.


Why Work with JG Vertical?

If you need roof anchor point installation in Sydney and Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us. JG Vertical has years of experience installing roof anchor systems, and we are committed to ensuring the safety of workers at all times. 

Our professionals are highly trained and equipped with the latest tools and equipment to perform installations efficiently and effectively. We use only high-quality materials in our installations to ensure the durability and longevity of the roof anchor systems and any other height safety system.

Our projects are delivered with the highest quality and standard to provide a client with a partner on rope access and a range of services from painting, cleaning, installations, maintenance and rescue services.


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    Anchoring with JG Vertical

    At JG Vertical, safety is one of our key values that we prioritise at every step of the way. When combined with our years of experience in working at heights, building defects and remedial repairs, JG Vertical acts as your one stop team for all things buildings.

    Looking for a comprehensive rope access and height safety team to rope into the mix for your building project?

    Safety is a top priority for the JG Vertical team. For this reason our team is trained and certified according to the official Australian safety regulations.