We supply, install, inspect and certify roof anchor points.

Working at heights is rife with dangers and risks. To keep your roof or building project safe, you need roof anchor points. The installation, inspection and certification of these are crucial to mitigating risk on a roof worksite and ensuring your project is completed as safe and securely as possible.

Why are roof anchor points required?

Roof anchors are points or anchors installed onto a roof, to which a range of equipment can be attached. They are used for:

  • Arresting a fall
  • Access to the external facade
  • General rope access
  • Working at heights

Whatever your building project – at JG Vertical, we know the ropes. We install, inspect and certify roof anchors on all types of buildings.

  • New buildings
  • Existing buildings
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Strata
  • Industrial

A complete roof anchor point service

As per Australian Standards, fall arrest anchors or anchor points must be inspected and certified by a licensed person every 12 months.

At JG Vertical, we:

  • Design and supply height safety systems
  • Supply and install roof anchor points
  • Inspect roof anchor points; and
  • Certify roof anchor points

We’re your one-stop team to ensuring complete safety compliance.


Oh, the roofs we’ve seen

We’ve used roof anchors to complete facade works such as painting, waterproofing and caulking. flashing installations and concrete repairs. These are a small selection of the other services we have provided alongside roof anchor installation.

Check out some more of this type of work:


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    Anchoring with JG Vertical

    At JG Vertical, safety is one of our key values that we prioritise at every step of the way. When combined with our years of experience in working at heights, building defects and remedial repairs, JG Vertical acts as your one stop team for all things buildings.

    Looking for a comprehensive rope access and height safety team to rope into the mix for your building project?

    Safety is a top priority for the JG Vertical team. For this reason our team is trained and certified according to the official Australian safety regulations.