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Macquarie University, North Ryde


Facade Remediation and Roof Structure Works




The purpose-built Arts Precinct is designed to elevate the Faculty’s diverse strengths and enrich its collaborative and creative work into the future, for both students and staff.

JG Vertical were privileged to support the creation of this development through the provision of specialised rope access to enable roof structure works and other facade remediation.


  • Designed and installed rope access anchor points to the rooftop of pre-existing building for access
  • Facade remediation
  • Masonry staining and sealing
  • Specialist roof structure works
  • Flashing installations


Our initial site visit discovered insufficient anchorage on the rooftop of the pre-existing building for full facade access to complete works.

We supplied and installed 15 250mm M16 anchor rods, combined with M16 eyenuts to accommodate the 100mm of slab topper.

Facade remediation consisted of the wash down of the external concrete facade, as well as concrete repairs on concrete cancer, chipping and cracks. It was completed with an application of masonry stain and sealer by our specialist technicians who are trained and accredited in Nawkaw masonry stain.

Extensive works to the new roof structure were also completed by our specialised technicians in fabric style roofs including ETFE and PTFE.

We carried out the installation of the roof structure extrusion bolts and lock nuts, all on the underside of the roof and only accessible by aid climbing the underlying steel structure.

Our works were completed with the installation of ETFE Pillows and surrounding flashings and various water tests.