With a leading safety record, our team provides painting, cleaning, installation, maintenance and rescue services.


We provide rope access to significantly reduce costs and minimise operational downtime in hard to reach areas.


Major structural renovations and rectifications for the city’s ultimate lifestyle and business district.


Rope Access Specialists

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Whether it’s providing facade restoration or glazing windows, JG Vertical’s certified team of professionals are the ones to trust when it comes to specialised rope access in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Compared to scaffolding, rope access allows for a more flexible and faster job completion. It’s easier to set up, reduces the risk of damage to a property and offers far more cost effective solutions.

We provide greater Sydney with bespoke, multidisciplinary solutions for remedial and building services, painting, window cleaning, and anchor point installation and certification for otherwise impossible to reach situations. JG Vertical employs the most innovative and safest techniques to guarantee our work exceeds your expectations, is completed efficiently and on time with minimal impact to your business operations.

What makes the JG Vertical team is the high level of qualification and experience achieved by our workers, which includes utilising IRATA’s highest certification in Rope Access and level 2 & 3.

We’re a rope access company with a proud history of problem solving.

We have the capabilities and expertise in inaccessible areas and working at heights. Our experienced abseiling team provides a range of services from painting, cleaning, installations, maintenance and rescue services.

As experienced rope access specialists, safety and delivering the highest quality standards has always been our top priority. In each and everyone of our services, we take extensive measures to ensure that our state-of-the-art equipment is regularly inspected, tested and maintained, our workers are IRATA trained and certified, and that our practices are in compliance with Australian safety standards.

JG Vertical is safe, efficient and will always deliver top-tier results.

“Professional and well trained team capable of all rope access and height safety work requirements.”

Michael Diener

We offer a wide array of services for developer and builder.

Maintenance Services

Looking to extend the life, structural integrity and aesthetics of a property? From extensive high rise window cleaning to preventing cracks and concrete cancer in your external facade to rigorous pressure cleaning our rope access technicians can ensure that your commercial, industrial and residential maintenance needs are met and exceeded beyond expectations.

Height Safety

Our rope access company is qualified to conduct regular fall protection and rope access anchor and static line installations and inspections to ensure the integrity of all rope access systems installed for building, land managers and site supervisors. We can provide in-depth site reports on existing job sites for each height safety, rope access or rescue system in place.


Our specialist services are a mere demonstration of the cross-sectional skills JG Vertical can provide. Our services include but are not limited to structural repairs and welding, rigging and lifting for high-rise buildings, commercial window cleaning and window glazing, general facade restoration and so much more.

JG Vertical were engaged to carry out patching and painting work to all inaccessible external slab bands post construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rope access?

IRATA rope access refers to a safe method of working at great heights and the associated abseiling equipment used to gain access to and from the work position and be supported in that position. Rope access developed from techniques found in climbing and caving. It allows workers to access difficult to reach locations without using an aerial work platform or scaffolding.

What is a rope access technician?

Rope access technicians are qualified professionals that use the help of ropes to perform a range of tasks, including window and facade cleaning, painting, welding, pressure washing, repairing, inspecting and other maintenance activities. The majority of these tasks are performed high off the ground and are difficult to access any other way. Technicians traverse, descend, and ascend ropes for access while suspended by their harness to get around these difficulties.

How does rope access work?

Rope access works as fall protection where conventional methods cannot work. Systems allow workers to ascend and descend ropes while suspended by a harness.. These systems require a dual rope system, meaning workers must have a backup rope if their primary rope system fails.

Workers are secured within an industrial harness equipped with a rope access gear system and connected to two ropes (main line and backup line). The two work together to connect and position a rope access technician to a difficult to reach workspace in the safest way possible.

The technician is suspended from one rope while the second acts as a backup in the unlikely event that the first rope is defective.

All rope access equipment must be manufactured and approved for industrial use.

Is rope access safe?

Rope access has an enviable safety record. Statistically speaking, it is the safest way to conduct height access work because of the in-depth training, safety precautions and accreditations that are put in place. Additionally, most dual rope access systems will always have a fail-safe rope to prevent unlikely falls from occurring. Rope access is far safer than utilising scaffolding or heavy equipment considering these factors. The environment of each worksite focuses on safety; not just the safety of the rope access technicians but also the people working in the general surroundings.

All workers seeking certification must receive training from a training centre such as the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) in the rope access industry. This regimented training keeps high safety standards in mind. All qualified technicians understand the current legislation, the working knowledge of rescue procedures and hazard perception.

How much does rope access services cost?

The overall costs associated with rope access work is far less than those associated with scaffolding and other types of access methods. You need to consider additional construction expenses, deconstruction, and transportation of large amounts of materials compared to scaffolding and machinery. These costs are not incurred when you employ the service of experienced rope access specialists. There is far less equipment involved and no construction required therefore prices are much lower.

What kind of rope access services do you provide?

Our rope access company aims to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of end-to-end services covering maintenance, remedial, height safety and rescue services as well as specialist services.

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Why choose JG Vertical for rope access services?

JG Vertical is your company of rope access specialists with a proud history of problem-solving, delivering the most innovative and affordable solutions.

With over 10+ years in the industry, our technicians have the capabilities and expertise in inaccessible areas and working at heights. Whether it’s a commercial, residential or industrial project, our abseiling team will provide you with a range of services from painting, cleaning, installations, maintenance and rescue services.

As experienced rope access specialists, safety and delivering the highest quality standards has always been our top priority. We take extensive measures to ensure that our state-of-the-art equipment is inspected regularly, tested and maintained. Our workers are IRATA trained and certified. Our practices comply with Australian safety standards. Our company is safe, efficient and will consistently deliver top-tier results.

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