With a leading safety record, our team provides painting, cleaning, installation, maintenance and rescue services.


We provide rope access to significantly reduce costs and minimise operational downtime in hard to reach areas.


Major structural renovations and rectifications for the city’s ultimate lifestyle and business district.


Rope Access Specialists

We are a team of qualified and experienced technicians. Drop in and say hello.


We’re a rope access company with a proud history of problem solving.

We have the capabilities and expertise in inaccessible areas and working at heights. Our experienced abseiling team provides a range of services from painting, cleaning, installations, maintenance and rescue services.

“Professional and well trained team capable of all rope access and height safety work requirements.”

Michael Diener

We offer a wide array of services for developer and builder.



  • Fabric structures
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Structural repairs and welding
  • Signage installation and removal
  • Window replacement and glazing
  • Facade restoration
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Inspection and reporting
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Engineering and consultation

JG Vertical were engaged to carry out patching and painting work to all inaccessible external slab bands post construction.

Our recent projects

3 November 2020

88-92 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool

Cost-effective provision of industrial abseilers for remediation work on concrete patching and masonry staining, with high praise from builder.
17 July 2020


Working on several building assignments, we reduced expensive costs and provided a quality outcome for developer and builder.
21 April 2020

Macquarie University Arts Precinct

Specialised rope access setup to conduct facade remediation and roof structure works.

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