Abseiling Window Cleaning Gold Coast

JG Vertical specialises in high rise window cleaning services for Gold Coast enterprises, strata managers and more. Our expertise in working at great heights and in-depth knowledge of Queensland’s coastal landscape ensure that our rope access technicians can access difficult to reach areas and maintain any multi-storey commercial, and residential buildings safely.

The proximity of high rise buildings to this famous coastline means that they are constantly exposed to environmental elements, particularly salt which is detrimental to steel and aluminium window frames.

Conducting regular window cleaning is integral in maintaining a building’s external facade. With holiday apartments and high rises boasting a significant turnover of vacationing occupants, many expect to come to beautifully pristine windows to enjoy the Gold Coast’s stunning views.

Many factors need to be taken into account when cleaning high-rise buildings with difficult access. Depending on your building, you may only need to clean your windows once or three times a year.

JG Vertical’s window cleaners are certified abseilers that can deliver a sparkling view from your residential or commercial windows.

Thanks to our collective ten years of rope access window cleaning, we are the abseiling Gold Coast company that comprehends the unique challenges of managing multi-storey buildings.

Why use JG Vertical?


Superior workmanship and protective coating products.


Full resources rope access, with state-of-the-art equipment.


Experienced professionals to manage any project and whatever the scale, regardless of the condition of the building.

We use specialised equipment and rope access methods to reach every aspect of a building’s facade, clean as needed, and provide services with minimal intrusion to employees and residents. Abseiling and other rope access systems allow our qualified window cleaners to deliver specialised services without causing disruption to business-as-usual operations while negating the need for scaffolding or expensive machinery.

We provide window cleaning services for Brisbane residents in the following areas:

  • Commercial and High Rise Buildings
  • Strata Managed Buildings
  • Industrial and Construction Sites
  • Residential Buildings
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Premium window cleaning services in the Gold Coast

JG Vertical offers a comprehensive range of window cleaning services to suit your unique requirements, goals, the height of your property and accessibility of your windows.

  • Rope access: Also known as abseiling, our professional rope access window cleaners can clean windows without the need for expensive (and unsightly) scaffolding and industrial equipment. Our experts can effortlessly ascend and descend from rope to rope, traversing the external facade of your building and cleaning as they go. This is the most cost-efficient and less intrusive form of window cleaning service we can deliver.
  • Traditional window cleaning: As with rope access work, traditional window cleaning is also a cost-effective solution for multi-storey buildings, particularly for residential and strata buildings where buildings may be older and require extra maintenance. We can clean the window frames and sills, giving you a complete service.
  • Water fed pole cleaning: The cleaning of commercial high rise windows has been made easier thanks to this innovative technology. A telescopic pole is equipped with a brush and water jets. Water is then fed up the pole and blasted over the window while the brush is used to clean away dirt, salt residue and grime.

Experienced & qualified

JG Vertical’s abseiling Gold Coast team holds the highest level of qualification and experience.

  • Able to reach all areas of your building so that your windows can be cleaned to their full potential.
  • Follow strict OH&S safety requirements and similar Australian regulations.
  • Able to fulfil any scope of work in a safe, efficient, reliable and honest manner.
  • We are a strong advocate of quality, integrity and professionalism, delivering a 100% guarantee on all maintenance work carried out.

Why use abseiling services in the Gold Coast?

Abseiling (or rope access) is the most efficient and safest method to carry out cleaning, repair work and ongoing maintenance on the facade of a commercial or residential building structure.

Rope access has a very low environmental impact (we’re the greener option), and abseiling systems may be deployed and removed quickly. This results in little interruption to building occupants, operations, traffic flow or negatively affects the general public.

No matter the size and scope of your cleaning project, we can provide you with support, anytime and anywhere. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible to ensure that your building is kept in pristine condition. We also understand that certain commercial structures require maintenance work outside of the standard 9 to 5. Rest assured, our technicians can pull in those extra hours to ensure your tenants are left feeling happy.

JG Vertical has window cleaning teams across Brisbane, Gold Coast as well as Sydney.

We provide a premium service with guaranteed results. Give us a call today to see how our rope access technicians at JG Vertical can help with your window cleaning requirements.

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