Image depicting two technicians using rope access o service a building

Rope Access

Using cutting edge abseiling and harness equipment JG Vertical services hard to reach places

JG Vertical uses Rope Access to provide specialty services, cleaning and rescue on hard to reach areas. Vertical acess and abseiling is cheaper and faster to implement than scaffolding, whilst being more flexible.

JG Vertical we’re your vertical access professionals. The core benefit of flexibility to satisfy a large variety of needs for a competitive price.

Rope Access | The JG Vertical Difference

  • Safety – Industry leading safety record
  • Expertise – Unrivalled Expertise
  • Speed – Minimal Downtime
  • Reduced Cost – Highly Competitive Pricing

Maintenance and Cleaning

JG vertical uses Rope Access to perform maintenance and cleaning on areas that are hard to reach in a fast and effective manner.

image depicting cleaning and maintenance being undertaken using rope access on a high rise building
image depicting rescue and safety training using rope access on a high rise building

Rescue and Safety

As industry leaders in safety, JG vertical effectively uses vertical access to provide safety and rescue services.


JG Vertical’s rope access technicians are armed with a diverse range of skills. This expertise paired with the flexibility of rope access results in a cost effective and quality job for your residental, commercial or industrial buildings.

image depicting rope access being used to undertake specialised rigging on a hard to get to structure

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